Thursday, June 12, 2008

I was Tagged!

I was tagged by my sister and decided that I'd actually participate. So here are my answers but I'm not tagging anyone.

1. If you could change one thing about a major event in your life what would it be?

I can't think of a major event that I would change. The last major event was Emery's delivery and it went the way I wanted. Perfect. My mom was there, my brother made it back in town, and my sisters and dad were there. I even have some of the most amazing pictures from that day! Thank you Kari!! I don't think I'd change anything so far in my life.

2. What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire? I'd try not and let the money go to my head. I wouldn't want to raise a spoiled child or act like I was better than everyone else even though I already am :) Just kidding, I thought that was funny.

1.) Give a lot to church/missions

2.) Emery's college fund would be good to go as well as two more for future children

3.) Probably buy a house and a nanny (you can get nannies on ebay I think)

4.) Upgrade my car and pay in cash

5.) Have a huge savings for my wedding, vacations, and rainy days.

3. What are your three worst habits?

1.) I am so absent minded its not funny. I forget to do things all the time it drives me crazy as well as my mom. Hopefully it's not herititary

2.) I procrastinate. If I don't like to do something I'll wait until the last minute and do it real fast.

3.) I don't keep up with people very well. It's sad sometimes.

4. What are the three things you have to have within reach at all time (think bedside, car, etc.)?

1.) Emery or course to avoid someone calling the authorities

2.) My phone in case of emergensies

3.)Angel just because she's there.

5. If you could have any job what would it be and why? I'm actually very blessed to have my dream job.
I wouldn't want to work anywhere else. I even like my hours because they work (right now) for me and Em.

Here's a picture just because I haven't posted in a while.

She climbed up on the box all by herself! She loves to climb and go through, under, over, and squeez through the most random places. She's so much fun!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So Big

I don't have pictures with me but I will start posting, ( I know, empty promises). She has gotten so big since my last post.
Here is a list of some fun things she is doing now:
--Pulling up on everything
--Can walk around furniture
--Can wave Bye-Bye
--When I say no-no she holds out her hand for her "spanking" (so sad)
--Loves to laugh and giggle
--She's eating big girl food. She's had her first Wacky pack and doughnut holes
--Love the book "that's not my puppy"
--Her favorite thing to do is push a ball and chase it. She'll crawl all around the house chasing balls.
She's so funny and is so fun to watch. I love her SO MUCH. I didn't know being a mom was going to be this great. She's such a good baby too. I LVOE HER!!
Pics soon