Thursday, January 15, 2009


We had our last day of swimming at Emler. (tear tear). I am so excited we will now have all day Thursday free!!! Mot and Gram (my grandmother and mom) made it out for our last lesson. My mom took these pics.

Sweet Girl ready to swim

Up and Down... Splash, splash, splash
Chasing balls in the motorboat

Kick, Kick, Kick for the green ball!

Emery loves Ms. Liz!!

Because she gives her M&M's after she does so GREAT!

Sinkies in the bucket!

Diving for a sinkie!

She loves the magic carpet!

And floating on her back and getting her ears under water.

Doin the monkey walk on the wall.

Blowing bubbles

Back to play with the sinkies!

Goofy Girl

"We all jump in on Ready, GO!"

Barbell kicking

Em's favorite part is going down the slide

And holding her breath for 10 seconds

THis baby loves to swim!!

No matter how much we love it, we're glad it's over and we have our Thursdays back to play with friends!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Black Eyed Sweet Pea

Here is the evidence you must keep an eye on your children at all times. I was at work when I listened to a message with Emery screaming at the top of her lungs, gram laughing, saying to call her back Em fell. When Gram found Em she was crawling up between the handle bars on the baby carriage. Poor baby, she just needs her mom sometimes.
She's always smiling, even when she wakes up and has a black eye.

Better pic of the eye.

Loves her Gram!!

Pajama day!

Me and Em decided this morning that we'd stay in our pajamas all day. It has proven to be productive. Thus far, I have cleaned my room and done my laundry. And that's good for me. My mom is probably not believing it, but it's true!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Just Plain Cute!!

Here are a few pictures of my crazy girl. She has such a personality. She's more like her mom everyday and clean like her Gram. Speaking of... she said Gram!! Finally. It came out NANN but it still counts. And this girl loves to count... or acts like it. She doesn't talk yet, but she does sign to me all day, she won't sign to anyone else like she does to me. Enjoy the pics.

She has the funniest faces. This is her favorite, the fish face.

We were going to stay home all day so this is the outfit I came up with.

Her butt is fine but the thighs are another story.

Sweet girl loves to share with puppy. They're friends forever!

She didn't understand that the stroller was for her dolls and not her. Next post is of what happened when she was playing with the stroller under gram's supervision.

I was done with the shaggyness and I can finally put her hair in piggytails!!! A momma's dream come true!

These are of Em before church this past Sunday. Life can't get much cuter than this!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

In Case You're wondering

I do understand that I just updated twice in one night!! I'ma changin. Loves.

Snow Bunnies by Aunt Rie

For your viewing pleasure here are a few pics from our Christmas shoot with the famous aunt rie!

It's Been a While

It's been crazy around here. Emery is growing up before my very eyes. We had a wonderful Christmas and I think her favorite toy was her tricycle from santa.

Here are a few pictures of Emery attempting to master eating utensils. Is what sets us apart from the apes. Sweet baby... i mean big girl