Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conversations with a 2 1/2 year old

Em: Mama I wan Dowa Juice
Me: Okay, Sweet Girl. I'll bring you some juice in your Dora cup.
Em: Can I have boobberries.
Me: No, we're about to eat. You can have blueberries after dinner.
Em: OH (in a high pitched, "I get it" voice.) UMMMM wan cheese.
Me: No snacks til after dinner. Do you want a grilled cheese sandwich?
Em: Yeah! Mama?
Me: Yes, Goose.
Em: Can wan Dowa snacks.
Me: Go outside with your juice until dinner is ready.
Em: OH, OK!! Bye, Mama, I luv you.
Painful I tell ya.

Emery wanted to go outside the other day and I said not, because she didn't have shoes or pants on. I went to the bathroom and she was outside. My blood boiled! I looked and she had her princess shoes one but no pants. I went outside to play with her. Pickin my battles, at least she had her shoes on.

She's a nut, one last story. On your way to school:
Me: Em where you going today?
Em: Shcool. (I didn't misspell that) Mama, where's Etan?
Me: Em where is Ethan, baby?
Em: New class.
Me: Yes, Ethan is in a new class with new friends.
Em: YAY!
This happens ten times on the way to school. Ethan hasn't been in her class for months!!! He went to a new school closer to his house!