Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Evidence

Here it is. The full story is on Monday there was a new girl in the class next to Em's. When they were in group time Em and another boy from class got bit. Note: she bit four people on Monday. The boy that bit her today was the one that got bit on Monday. For the rest of the day she avoided that boy. I know, I have a smart kid.

Well, here are the pics.

Bitting Update

Just got a call from Em's teacher. She got bit again!!! On the FACE!! What the H.E. double hockey sticks. That's two school days in a row now. I asked, in a not so nice tone, if it was because Em was a mean kid or if she was being bullied. It was a different kid and Em was not being mean. She was leaning over the water and there was her cheek ready for some mean kid to bite. Pictures to be posted soon. I'm not a happy mommy.

A picture of her sweet face, before the incident.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fort Worth ZOO!

Tuesday Em and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo with my friend Shaye and her two boys Cole and Parker. We had a blast. We started the day with a picnic at a park near the zoo. By far the best part of the day was feeding the birds. As soon as we walked though the door the birds were attacking us for the food. We even had to but more sticks. One bird landed right on my shoulder, one landed on Em and was nibbling her ear. She wasn't scared though. She was all about being gentle and petting them.
Here are a few pics from the day!
Shaye at the park with all three kiddos!

Shaye bought this wagon along and it was a lifesaver. I will never go to the zoo without a wagon EVER!!

Shaye's two boys. They are so sweet! We can't wait to hang out with them again!

Cole loved Em... and me. He has such a sweet, loving nature... like his momma.

I should be a photographer. This is such a great picture. We didn't even ask him to pose.

This elephant was too cute not to pose next to.

Em and mommy! I haven't said this lately... I love my sweet girl!

SEE WHAT I MEAN!! She's just precious.

Once again, just a great photographer! ;)

This was after the lion roared, extremely loud!!! I think he's grinning in the picture.

When the bird landed on my shoulder. I just started clicking the camera. I was freaked out.

Em was much more cool than I . But do you see what I mean, the birds were crazy.

Parker loved the birds. He seriously came alive in the bird cage. He was so funny.

Shaye with the birds.

Em surrounded by birds.

This is the most disgusting thing. The bird is eating the rat. What's worse is we have to walk under it!! There's rat blood on the cement. I was appalled!

Someone is sleepy.

Not too sleepy to try and pet the calf.

My silly girl

Poor Parker, he was such a trooper. His eyes were almost closed. Em... she's her own girl.

Proof Em Walks

Here is a video of Em taking a few steps.

Oh and in other news. Em had her first bite at school. Yes, she got bitten. Her teacher called me at home to let me know. Luckily, Gram was walking in the door to rescue her. They did warn me at the intake that this is the age when kids start to bite and it is not uncommon. And I have to sign a report when I drop her off on Wednesday.

It reminds me of Wilson from cast away with the hair sticking straight up.

This last picture is me asking Em "Did you get a bite today at school." She doesn't like to be reminded.

Next post... We went to the ZOO!!!! Great pics up next.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Big Steps


Yes yes, you read it correct Emery has entered into toddler hood, officially. I was across the room enticing Em with a toy. Em stood for a few seconds and put one foot in front of the other two times! I was screaming, of course. She later took three more steps. Grady caught the end of those. She was walking in her crib before bath time. Aunt Court will be over tomorrow, so I'm sure we will get some on video and pictures, to be posted soon. My little girl is growing up... so bittersweet.

Here is a pic from her birthday party.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good Tuesday!

This morning at 9am my sweet gril woke up with a smile!! She has been so fussy the past few days. It has been no fun. Here are a few pictures from this morning. I let Em have some snackies this morning, before her oats, she decided to share with the puppy. A good day for both my girls.

She's such a poser!

Needless to say the good morning was short lived. While I uploaded my pictures Em has transformed herself into the previously fussy baby. Can't wait til I go to work tonight!