Friday, March 14, 2008

Pics with Aunt Rie

Here are some of the pictures that Cherie' took for her 6 months!! They turned out so good!

To have Cherie' photograph your precious one you can contact her at If you would like to call her leave me a message. She is really good with kids...and dogs!! LOVE HER!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Loves the H2O

As previously mentioned Emery out grew her infant bathtub (tear..tear) As a good mom I researched and found a bathseat that only got good reviews... note, the instructions were not in english. So I used it with great anticipation, but Emery wanted to be more in the water. With the help of Gram this is what we came up with and she LOVES IT!! This is what she likes to do with swim lessons. She loves to splash and play.

Oh yes, Emery got new shoes today!! Her first pair of Chux ?spelling. They are too big, but someday she'll wear them.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pics from this weekend

Emery is just so amazing. She's jsut turning into this little person. Here are some pics. She spent Friday night and Saturday with her cousin Carson. She loves Carson, he makes her laugh like no one else can.

I was feeding Em some corn and she took hold of the spoon and flicked EVERYWHERE!

I gave Em this ribbon to play with and no she is obsessed with it. She loves strings and tie things.

Carson and Emery!! He is so good with her.

We got out pool redone and while is was filling me and Em got in and did a photo shoot. I thought "We'll never be able to do this again." She couldn't believe it.