Thursday, January 15, 2009


We had our last day of swimming at Emler. (tear tear). I am so excited we will now have all day Thursday free!!! Mot and Gram (my grandmother and mom) made it out for our last lesson. My mom took these pics.

Sweet Girl ready to swim

Up and Down... Splash, splash, splash
Chasing balls in the motorboat

Kick, Kick, Kick for the green ball!

Emery loves Ms. Liz!!

Because she gives her M&M's after she does so GREAT!

Sinkies in the bucket!

Diving for a sinkie!

She loves the magic carpet!

And floating on her back and getting her ears under water.

Doin the monkey walk on the wall.

Blowing bubbles

Back to play with the sinkies!

Goofy Girl

"We all jump in on Ready, GO!"

Barbell kicking

Em's favorite part is going down the slide

And holding her breath for 10 seconds

THis baby loves to swim!!

No matter how much we love it, we're glad it's over and we have our Thursdays back to play with friends!!

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